Domestic wood shortage this year
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Domestic wood shortage this year

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Because of the country's protection of the ecological environment, my country's timber output has declined year by year from 8.438.5 million cubic meters in 2013 to 77.759 million square meters in 2016. It is estimated that by 2023, my country's timber output will drop to 58.598 million square meters.

In order to encourage timber imports, starting from 1998, my country has not only imposed zero tariffs on all kinds of imported timber, but also relaxed the business of importing timber from units with timber import rights to units with import and export rights. As a result, my country's timber imports increased significantly. In 2017, China's timber imports exceeded 100 million cubic meters, reaching 10.8497,000 cubic meters, with an amount of 19.986 billion US dollars, an increase of 15.6% and 23.2% respectively.

In 2016, my country’s industrial wood consumption was about 609.41 million cubic meters, of which industrial wood consumption totaled 601.41 million cubic meters, accounting for about 98.69% of the country’s wood consumption; other wood consumption such as infrastructure, decoration, and farmers’ houses was about 8 million cubic meters. , Accounting for about 1.31% of national timber consumption.

Among the industrial wood consumption, in 2016, paper-making consumption of wood was approximately 39.42 million cubic meters, accounting for 65.55% of industrial wood consumption; other wood processing industries such as wood-based panels, solid wood flooring and wooden furniture manufacturing totaled 207.2 million cubic meters of wood, approximately Accounted for 34.45%.

With the rapid development of various industries, the timber market demand will continue to grow. According to estimates, by 2020, my country's timber demand may reach 800 million cubic meters, with a gap of about 200 million cubic meters.